Bradspace have nearly 20 years’ experience in UK and European Space Programmes, covering all major aspects including programme definition and design (covering technical, programmatic and commercial elements), programme management and implementation.

We can help any organisation undertaking a Space project or venture, from those who are well established and experienced in realising projects, to those who are new to exploiting the potential of Space, and need someone to help understand how to bring their ideas to fruition. We are fully aware of, and familiar with, space industry practices, policies and political aspects.

Having worked on various studies and investigations in to small satellite launch systems and space ports, we are also well placed to provide assistance in these areas.

In previous and current roles we have undertaken key roles in several studies and projects related to the UK’s plans to establishing itself as a launching state, including playing a lead role in the ‘Space CITI – Towards a UK Launch Infrastructure 2012’ study for the UK Space Agency (UKSA), and most recently the ‘SCEPTRE’ project, led by Deimos Space UK Ltd, awarded by UKSA under the 2016 ‘Sub-orbital spaceflight and small satellite launches from the UK’ funding call.




Bradspace is led by Andy Bradford who has 20 years’ experience in the Space
Industry across many areas including Small Launch Systems, Small Satellite Engineering, Integration and Operations, Project and Programme Management. Andy held three Director positions at SSTL between 2008 and 2014 (Director of Programmes, Director of Engineering/CTO, Director of Special Programmes). Andy is the Current Chair of the UK’s Access to Space National Technical Committee, part of the National Space Technology Steering Group (NSTSG).