Bradspace can offer a broad range of Space Project Consultancy services covering (but not limited to) the following:

  • General consultancy services for the space industry
  • Defining strategies for space sector organisations and programmes
  • Assistance in defining and planning all aspects of a space project, understanding the unique characteristics of space projects including the technical, legal, programmatic, regulatory and commercial aspects
  • Setting up a space business in the UK
  • Bid preparation & reviewing
  • Help with space sector contacts – industry, academic & institutional contacts and influencers
  • Assistance in finding and targeting funding streams and mechanisms
  • Generating and reviewing project plans, including spacecraft development and qualification plans.
  • Budget & cost estimating
  • Advising on the capabilities and limitations of satellites and spacecraft
  • Understanding national and international space strategies and policies
  • Understanding and interfacing with the space insurance sector
  • Defining and shaping space projects programmes from end to end
  • Assisting with space education and outreach projects
  • Space Launch systems, launch sites and logistics, and space ports
  • Space Launch related logistics, infrastructure, regulatory and legal aspects.

We can also offer bespoke training courses or sessions on any of the above.